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Why Would It NOT have a Roof ?

Stonehenge has traditionally been considered to be a free-standing Monument, open to the elements with alignments in many directions. Its true meaning has been lost but it still provokes a sense of awe and wonder.


What was the purpose of Stonehenge?

Why thirty stones in the Sarsen Circle?

Why that particular diameter?

Why are the stones so big?

Why is it round?

The shape...

After two years of research, Bruce discovered that the roof naturally assumed the shape of a star. The fact that it was a ten-pointed star was another astounding discovery because, amazingly, the distance from point to point of the star is exactly the same measurement as the height of the building, demonstrating yet another example of the mathematical constants to be found in Stonehenge. The cutaways between the star points are the same ratio (1 to 3), making their depth the same as the height of the Sarsen Circle!

The cutaways are the same ratio (1to 3) that makes the depth, the same as the height of the Sarsen Circle.

The building did not need any guttering because all the rainwater would be channeled to the points of the star touching the ground. No drips no mess, absolutely ingenious.


An Architect from Plymouth saw the model and was astounded. It was the most amazing building he had ever seen in his whole career. No nails, screws, cement or fastenings of any kind. The whole building literary holds itself together by gravity. All the weight of the roof is transmitted down through the buttresses directly into the ground.


The tiles reach up as far as the circle of cross members at the top. This gives an open aperture for light to enter the building. Direct skylight can reach virtually every part of the interior.

Bruce has calculated the traverse of the sun and how its light would illuminate the inside the building. Stonehenge would have been a blaze of light at different times of the day.


A BBC sound engineer saw the model on display in Bristol. He did not know what it was for, but exclaimed "This is the best building for sound and acoustics I've ever seen. The shape of the roof would be perfect to reflect sound. Stand in the middle of Stonehenge and speak, and the sound will be amplified by the conical shape of the roof."

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