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Moving The Stones...

Of all the theories concerning the method used to transport the stones of Stonehenge, the most surprisingly effective has been that proposed by Bruce; encasing them in wooden rollers.

Once the stone is in place within the wooden casing and bound by ropes, it is then easily rolled along. All the weight is spread out with very few pounds per square inch actually In contact with the ground at any given moment.

The method of pulling would be to have the ropes around the outer casing of the roller rather than the end-pieces, giving a ratio of 2/1; double the pulling power. Ropes on the end-pieces could then be used for steering and guidance.

The only logical way to move such herculean stones.

With the stone in place, all its weight is now lost into the ground as the circular motion of the roller puts everything into balance. It would take only a few people to pull the stone on a flat surface, although much more effort would be needed on a steep hill.

The critical advantage of this method is that on arrival at the sea there is no lifting of the stone onto a boat. The complete assembly is simply rolled into the sea. When the roller is in the water it can then be supported by tree-trunks lashed to the casing and sailed away, just like a raft. On arrival at the other side, the stone may simply be rolled onto the beach and then overland directly to Stonehenge.

Bruce believes the simplest route for the Bluestones would then have been across the Somerset Levels to Stonehenge. There are no hills or steep inclines to encounter on this route.

Above are some of the people who have contributed to the project.

The Sarsen Route:

The accepted route is a direct line from Marlborough Downs to Stonehenge which would encounter Red Horn Hill. Bruce has spent many years on Salisbury Plain and has spoken to local farmers and residents. Due to the fact that Bruce's route has virtually no inclines, it's not only the most logical way, they all agree it's the only way.

Details will be revealed soon...

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