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The Book

All the answers here! "Merlin Built Stonehenge", published by Stonehenge Ltd 8.99 + 2.00 P+P

Merlin Built Stonehenge...

The book (Merlin Built Stonehenge) is a novel with fictional characters and the backdrop is about Stonehenge. Why was it built? Who designed it? How did they move those enormous stones? These questions have been asked for centuries – but what if you could know the answers…

Join me on a journey that goes back in time and see how our ancestors worked together in unity and spirituality to create this wonderful Monument. It was for a reason; it was structural and had a purpose. You will see that Stonehenge is more important than anyone ever thought possible.

Book Foreword...

Some readers may think that it is historically inconsistent to link the time of Stonehenge with that of Merlin. The great stone temple was built around 2000 BC, whereas the Arthurian Romances, in which Merlin plays a key role, are set in medieval times, so how can the latter have built the former?

There is an explanation! Stories of Arthur and Merlin were first recorded in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Histories of the Kings of Britain in 1138, and soon afterwards, on the orders of Henry II, re-told by a cleric called Wace in the form of a novel titled Roman de Brut. Wace even included in his manuscript an illuminated miniature showing Merlin directing the building of Stonehenge. These stories became very popular, especially in 12th Century France, where they were transformed into the Arthurian Romances by skilled storytellers, such as Marie de France, and the poet Chretien de Troyes.

These tales and romances have coloured our view of Arthur and Merlin to this day, so we tend to see them as medieval figures. Neither the French romancers, nor the historical chroniclers of Henry II’s time, were the first to relate the deeds of Arthur and Merlin. In fact, the origins of these stories lie deep in Celtic Legend.

...Sample Chapters...

You're welcome to download sample chapters from the book. Just click the link below to download.

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The Book.

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